Restorative Yoga

  1. Helps to relieve the effects of Chronic Stress from our daily lives.

  2. Using blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps. You are provided a completely supportive and safe environment which allows for total body relaxation. 

  3. You will move the spine in all directions...forward bends, back bends and spinal rotations (left to right) .

  4. Bending and twisting all help to promote healthy organ function by gently and alternately stimulating and relaxing the organs. 

  5. Restorative yoga helps to put in balance both aspects of our mind and body, the Masculine and Feminine. This allows you to feel neither overstimulated nor depleted. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

  6. Class will include simple inversions. Inversions reverse the effects of gravity by changing the relationship of the legs to head. By, even slightly, elevating the legs higher than the head. Fluids are returned to the upper body and heart function is enhanced. Science! 

Hatha Yoga